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Why People Love Italian Designer Jewelry



Know that jewelry is really the art of ornamental adornment of the body. There is no other place on earth that you will be able to find more dedication to the heart and soul of such jewelry design than in Italy. Though there are so many countries which are producing jewelry, some can compare to the rich history of Italy and also the passion which the Italian people have for gorgeous design. In the past, jewelry was being used to represent the rank of a person in the society, the community affiliation or as one sign of the religious choice of the person. Such tradition began many years ago in southern Italy.


Though gold is popular, there are more Italian jewelry designers which turn to sterling silver in order to express their creativity. Know that Valenza is actually a famous Italian city that is undisputed world leader when it comes to jewelry that is designed with precious stones. You will in fact find them combined in great designs in silver.


Due to the high quality, know that the sterling silver jewelry of those Italian designers is really high in demand in many parts of the world. As a matter of fact, Italy is considered as the power center of the European jewelry industry. You must know that silver and gold articles do cover seventy percent of the entire production. Every year in Italy, there are 500 tons of fine gold, 1400 of silver as well as 4 of platinum are being processed. There are also more than 10,000 companies which operate in the jewelry industry that employ 40,000 people for production such as of roman glass ring.


Know that Italy's history of such fine jewelry design as well as craftsmanship do continue today in the classical as well as contemporary styles. The gold designs may be prized for their delicate artistry, in sterling silver such trend is actually oversized. Now, the silver jewelry piece doesn't get unnoticed, the styles do diver from angular, sharp shapes with such alternating rounder and softer ones. The Italian designers certainly work with so many kinds of elements and they mix and match to make those unusual results. They would take sterling silver and combine such with natural, semiprecious stones like mother-of-pearl, agate, pink quartz, onyx and different shades of rhodonite and the transparent plexiglass and others. When you like Italian designer jewelry, then you can surely find a lot of options including mystic body jewelry.


Please head over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBGHjyKX1OU for other relevant information.